Financial Services

Financial Services

Some relevant use cases for the deploying CORTEX AI Solutions in the financial services sector includes :

  • Real-time customer insight
  • Risk analysis and management
  • Fraud detection and security analytics
  • CRM and customer loyalty programs
  • Credit risk, scoring, and analysis
  • Churn mitigation, response modeling
  • High speed Arbitrage trading
  • Trade surveillance, abnormal trading patterns, market manipulation and fraud detection
  • Smart payment systems

Relevant CORTEX AI Solutions:

Optimized Business
  • aiRISK
  • aiTRADE
Satisfied Customers
  • aiASSIST
  • aiCHURN
  • aiRISK
  • aiNSIGHT
Productive Employees
  • aiTALENT
  • aiASSIST
  • aiSEARCH
  • aiLEARN
Smart Systems
  • aiOT
  • aiFRAUD
  • aiCYBER

Figure 27 illustrates how the CORTEX AI Engine operationalizes AI and Data Science within a banking environment from enabling smart data for automated AI, providing 360-degree view and insights via automated AI, and integrating the AI generated insights into the business via next best actions.

Figure 28 illustrates how the CORTEX AI Engine operationalizes AI and Data Science for the insurance industry, whereas Figure 29 shows the analytics domains for the insurance industry within the categories of customer centric, risk centric and finance centric.

Figure 30 shows the AI applications in the Insurance industry with respect to:

  • Redefining the value proposition via personalized customer experience
  • Redefining distribution via digital advice
  • Enhancing efficiencies via automated and augmented underwriting
  • Reducing claims processing time and costs via robo-claims adjuster